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Houston Master’s Commission

It is a unique hybrid of bible college and personal development experienced within a close-knit community. Come build a foundation strong enough to hold the weight of your future aspirations and let MC be a launching pad into God's plan for your life.

Meet our Directors

Pastor Josiah and Macey Greer have been a part of Houston Master's Commission since 2011, moving up from first year students to Directors. They currently serve as both MC Directors and Youth Pastors at Crossroads Fellowship.

Student Life

First Year Students
A first year’s life in Master’s Commission revolves around building a foundation with God that will last for the rest of their lives by learning how to grow their prayer life and also growing in their Biblical knowledge. A first year student can expect to go in depth over the New Testament during Discipleship, to work with Global University to earn their credentials in ministry, and the opportunity to serve in multiple different areas of ministry.
Second Year Leaders
A second year’s life in Master’s Commission 
revolves around learning to apply what they learned their first year to strengthen their foundation with God. A second year student can expect to begin the process of earning their certification in ministry while also learning how to become strong leaders through receiving opportunities to lead their fellow classmates.


Here at Houston Master’s Commission, our education system is set up through Global University’s online classes! We have an in person classroom environment set up through Crossroads Fellowship. Here we work together to complete our assignments in order to receive an accredited degree towards ministry.


Houston Master's Commission provides many opportunities for hands-on ministries training, with training in Youth, Kids, Young Adults, Missions, Technology, and Worship. 

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,"

Matthew 28:19

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